Monday, October 15, 2012

Music to my Ears

Music is definitely one of the best things ever.  It doesn't really matter what mood you might be in, there's a song that fits it.  I have a bajillion (or 25) playlists in my iTunes account.  There's one that I play when I'm having trouble drifting off to sleep.  I've got one that contains almost 400 upbeat songs that I work out to.  There's a playlist full of songs that are my favorite ones to sing along with whenever I want to belt out a number or two.

Also in my iTunes account are many, many, many embarrassing songs that a grown woman should not admit to ever listening to.  But I have no shame so here goes...

- Making Love Out of Nothing At All by Air Supply... I freaking love this song.  It is not the only Air Supply song that I have but it is by far the best.  Some people may not think this is embarrassing but trust me, when you see me singing along to it, it gets weird real fast.  I've got videos posted for the rest of my embarrassing songs but not for this one b/c unless someone has a video of me karaoke-ing to this song, it wouldn't do it justice.

- Bed Intruder Song by Antoine Dodson & The Gregory Brothers... Do you guys remember this video that went viral...

Obviously, I do not think the situation of a woman being attacked is even remotely funny.  But the interview with this guy makes me laugh.  Anyways, The Gregory Brothers are fantastic and they took this news clip and made it into a song.  Look it up on iTunes.  It's not normal and yet, it's fantastic.

- Fish Heads by Barnes and Barnes...  Why do I know all of the lyrics to this song?  And why, when I sing along, do I mimic the voices they use?  And why do I still laugh every time I hear it?  So many unanswered questions.

Fair warning, this video is odd and makes me uncomfortable.  It's creepy to the point that I might have nightmares tonight.  I wish I could unsee it.  It's also super long so if all you want is to hear the song, skip the video ahead to the 2:15 mark.

- Summer Girls by LFO... This song is just ridiculous.  Any great writer would be appalled by the lyrics of this song. This is why I know I am not a "great writer" b/c I think they are hilarious.  I acknowledge that few things about this song make sense but nothing says summer love like boogaloo shrimp and pogo sticks.

- Forever by Uncle Jesse & The Rippers... This is potentially the most embarrassing thing I will ever admit to liking but to anyone out there who grew up watching Full House, I dare you to tell me you don't love this song.  Sure, maybe it's shameful to think it's such a pretty song but if you listen to it objectively, w/o knowing that it's from a 90s sitcom, I think you would find that the lyrics are quite nice.  Insanely cheesy but nice.  Also, John Stamos is crazy attractive even though I don't typically go for guys who are more into their hair than I am into mine.

To make up for these egregious crimes against musicality, here is a list of songs that I am currently obsessed with that everyone must download and listen to immediately.  I mean it.  I was going to say that I'll know if you don't do it but that makes me sound like a crazy stalker and since I've already been accused of that once today (jokingly!  I promise you are not reading the blog of a crazy person), I decided against saying that.  So I won't know but if you do it, a little hole in your heart that you didn't know was missing will fill up.  That's how good these songs are.

1.  Linger by The Cranberries... The Cranberries are awesome and I will not tolerate any opinion otherwise.

2.  Amber by 311... Another fantastic band but this song is probably tops.

3.  O Children by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds... but listen to anything by Nick Cave.  He's my current musical obsession.

4.  Crush by Dave Matthews... I'm usually not a huge DMB fan but this song just has a cool and sexy vibe to it.

5.  Bootylicious by Destiny's Child... This is not something I've chosen b/c I love it but b/c this song has evidently chosen me.  Every day for the past week, when I put my iPod on shuffle, this song comes up.  I think the universe is trying to tell me something and that something is that I am in fact, bootylicious.

6.  No Sound But the Wind by Editors... This song has been on my iPod for over a year and I just listened to it for the first time a couple weeks ago.  I'm in love.

7.  The Divide by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals... If you've never listened to this band, you are in for a treat.  So great.  I have no words for how great.

8.  The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes... This song has been on my faves list for months but I cannot get enough of it.  It's the song that was playing on my iPod when I was crossing the Finish Line for my half marathon so I think it has a permanent spot.

9.  In Bloom by Nirvana... I'm probably going to try to bring "Grunge" back.  I love me some flannel and moroseness.

10.  Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols... If you decide to listen to only one thing on this list, make it this one.  It's so fantastic.  My commute to work is about 20 minutes and I listened to it 5 times on the way.  I was 3 minutes late b/c I wanted to finish the 5th time.  Vegan food gets a shout out so maybe that's why I'm partial.

Peas and Love Music Lovers,


P.S.  This has nothing to do with music but I felt it needed to be put out into the universe so that I am not the only one with this knowledge.  While I was driving today, I was behind a car that had a vanity license plate that said "Mr Fame."  I'm not comfortable with this level of d-baggery.  That may seem harsh but I take a pretty hard line when it comes to vanity plates.  If Mr Fame happens to be one of my four readers, please don't be offended.  Unless you taking offense means you'll change your plates.

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