Thursday, August 2, 2012

Elephants, Owls and Parallel Parking

Please enjoy this little photo montage of random moments in my life.  It's a visual glimpse into my daily goings-on.  Don't pretend like you're not going to enjoy being a voyeur for the next few minutes.  Just don't get creepy about it, okay?  I don't want to think you are staying up at night, staring at these pics.  And refrain from printing them out and creating an Erica shrine in your bedroom or cave or wherever you set up weird things like that.

My boyfriend... I can never get him to put on a shirt but who can blame him with that six pack?
Funny story about this statue.  My sister and I stopped here on our way to Chicago a couple years ago too.  That time, we asked a random man to take our picture together with this shirtless, ice-cream loving guy.  The stranger agreed so I gave him my camera and we posed like the cute chickadees that we are.  Here's where it gets weird.  He held the camera up, made a clicking noise with his mouth, pulled the camera away as though he was looking at the picture and said that it turned out good.  We said thanks and he walked away.  I pulled up my photo gallery a minute later and discovered that the guy did not even take the picture.  He just pretended to do it!  How weird is that?  And why in the world did he pretend to look at it and then say we looked great?  Bil and I almost died laughing, we thought it was so funny.  People can be such weirdos and I love them for it.

Don't worry... this is not a real elephant busting out of that brick wall.

If you see a hot pink elephant and you don't try to give it a kiss, there's something seriously wrong with you.
Clearly, I have a way with elephants.  I'd work for a circus if I didn't think they were horrible and cruel, which would leave me no choice but to try to sneak all of the animals out of their cages and trailers.  I'm not really very sly and feel guilty sneaking Twizzlers into a movie theater in my purse so I'm not sure how I'd sneak tigers, lions and elephants out of a circus.  I would find a way though.  Maybe a large duffel bag or something?

As someone who has a pretty serious sweet tooth, I can say this little place is like a dream home for me.
Does this owl look Jewish to anyone else?  It's his acorn hat, I think.

If looks could kill, I'd be dead.  I'm pretty sure Fish is pissed b/c I caught him with a carrot toy and he's worried that I'm gonna make him a vegetarian now.  Also, can we take a minute to acknowledge just how ginormous this cat is?

You have not tasted a better cookie than this.  That's a promise.

Ummm... thanks?
So creepy to me.  This bumper sticker has a very "Silence of the Lambs/Put the lotion in the basket" kind of feel to it.

On the menu that day was wine.  And wine.  And an apple.  And wine.
This is what my fridge looked like when I got back from vacation.  It's also what it looked like for the following week b/c I was too busy (and by that, I mean lazy) to go to the grocery store or Farmer's Market.  Some would say that this makes me look like an alcoholic but I say nay!  If I were an alcoholic, there would be no wine left in the fridge.  Right?

Also, when I said this is what it looked like for the following week, I meant this is what it still looks like.  Someone please make me go to the grocery store.  I might starve to death soon.

The first and only time I've ever parallel parked.
I don't parallel park.  I never practiced before getting my license when I was 16.  When it came to that part of the test, I pulled up to the cones and told the dude that I had never even attempted to parallel park and asked if I could pass without it.  He said yes, so I didn't even try.  However, the day that this was taken, I was at Forest Park.  I was about to put myself through a heinous workout and wanted to park really close to the workout location so that in case my legs fell off by the end, whatever kind stranger that picked my torso up off the ground, wouldn't have to walk me very far back to my car.  I imagine a torso is an awkward thing to carry so I was trying to be thoughtful.  Anyways, I saw this spot and knew that I had to try for it.  Not only was I in, but it was almost like poetry the way I managed to slide my little Mazda into that space.  I high-fived a guy that walked past me while I was taking this picture to celebrate my achievement.  BTW... no one high-fives anymore.  Can we bring that back?

The heinous workout that required the aforementioned parallel parking.
This is the World's Fair Pavilion.  If you look along the sides, you will see many, many, many steps.  The workout was to run up the steps, sprint across the top and then run down the steps... ten times with a minute and thirty second plank in between each set.  You can see why one might think her legs would fall off.  I posted on Facebook that I wanted someone at the top to play the Rocky music from when he runs up all those steps in the movie.  I've done this workout many times since then and no one has ever shown up with a boombox to do so.  C'mon people!  Maybe Forest Park officials could at least install some speakers and a button I can push myself when I reach the top that would play the song?  Help a girl out.  I just ran up 7000 steps.

So that's it for now friends.  Remember what I said about the Erica shrine.  But if you do set one up anyways, send me a pic of it.  It would be kind of ironic or something to include it next time I do a photo montage post.

Peas and Love Peanuts!


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