Sunday, March 4, 2012


It’s been approximately 72 years since I last posted.  Sorry about that!  I have been so insanely busy lately.  It feel like I don’t have enough time to breathe, let alone blog, which is a shame because I like writing this blog almost as much as I like breathing.  I have a bunch of different things that I’d like to post but tonight I am going to just share some random thoughts and tidbits.
  • Every morning when I go down to the kitchen to make my breakfast, I also give Fish some treats.  If I don’t, he will meow constantly while I am making my smoothie or juice.  Sometimes he gets a little loud and I’m worried that the neighbors will call me in for animal abuse.  How embarrassing would it be if I opened the door to police or whoever arrests people for animal abuse and I happened to be wearing one of my animal rights t-shirts?  Awkward.  Anyways, the point is that every morning, there is a terrifying moment when I think I might not get his treats bag open fast enough and he is going to maul me.  It’s not that he is a mean cat; it’s just that he completely loses control in the presence of treats.  If here even hears a bag that sounds like his treats bag, he comes running from upstairs.  He has supersonic hearing when it comes to his treats.  His hearing seems to go out however, when he is doing something bad like climbing on the counter.  Or eating my arm.
  • I am typing this at the Laundromat and the guy using a machine a few down from me just opened his laundry bag and said “Oh, gross.”  I don’t even want to know but if that is your reaction when you see your laundry, you should probably do laundry more often.
  • A vegan cupcake wars is on TV right now.  I now want a cupcake almost as badly as Fish probably wants a treat.  I won’t maul anyone for it though so don’t worry.  I’ll drink this huge bottle of water instead.
  • I tried to give up chewing gum this week.  I lasted 4 days.  That’s actually pretty good but I’m up to a pack a day again.  We all have our vices right?
  • The dude with the gross laundry is staring at me creepily.  Perhaps it was not laundry in his bag, but was a dead body instead and he is contemplating me as his next victim.  Hopefully he doesn’t sneak up behind me and read this otherwise, I’m probably really going to be in trouble.
  • I’ve been studying to get my Personal Training certification.  Holy smokes!  I forgot how complicated science stuff is.  Sometimes I find myself having to stop reading because I am in complete awe of how amazing the human body is.  I feel terrible that I mistreated it for so long.  My body really is a temple and should be treated accordingly.  This puts the kibosh on my eating 15 different kinds of cupcakes though so I guess I will give up the dream of being a vegan Cupcake Wars judge tonight.
  • Pinterest is awesome.  It’s not like I needed another thing to waste time doing but man oh man, is that site a timesuck!  But it’s so fabulous.  I now finally have an awesome idea for my living room wall that does not require me to be on a ladder for any length of time, but it’s still colorful and so totally me!  Not only did I get some décor ideas this week, I also learned how to make a feather skirt, which I am totally going to make next weekend.  I might not be cool enough to pull it off but I don’t particularly care.  People should dress with personality, otherwise what’s the point.
  • Actually the point of wearing clothes is to not get arrested for indecent exposure, but you get my drift.
  • Speaking of indecent exposure, I don’t like when older men wear really, really short shorts at the gym.  I always fear that I’m going to see something I really don’t want to see.
  • Creepy Dirty Laundry Guy Update:  Still staring.  Uncomfortable.
  • I bought a Groupon yesterday for hot yoga.  I’m nervous that I am going to puke.  It should be fun.  Hot yoga is supposed to be pretty intense but I like a challenge.  The FAQs page of the studio said that many people experience a clarity of mind, which I could totally use right now… feeling a little overwhelmed.   One of my goals for this year was to try one new fitness activity each month.  In January, I became obsessed with spinning.  In March, I shall be a hot yogi.  I accidently missed February though so I have to do two this month.  I haven’t decided yet what the other one is.  Any suggestions? 
  • I’ve been really into organizing and decorating my apartment lately.  I’ve read that pregnant women go through a “nesting” phase sometimes to prepare for the new kiddo.  Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant, but I have been thinking about getting a second cat.  Perhaps I am “nesting” in preparation for a brother or sister for Fish.
  • Creepy Dirty Laundry Guy Update #2:  He just walked past and glanced at my computer.  He also moved a chair nearby.  If nobody hears from me within the next 24 hours, I’ve probably been made into this guy’s next load of “laundry.” 

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I really need to study.  And by study, I mean get my textbook out and open it to the next chapter but secretly be drooling over cupcakes on TV out of the corner of my eye.

Peas and Love Sweet Things!

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