Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Conquers Hate

I do not use this blog as a platform to talk about controversial topics.  This is not because I am not interested in these things, nor is it because I am not interested in talking about these things with others.  It's because this blog is a place to go to for a laugh... a 3-minute break for you to read about something funny or motivational.  If you want to know how I feel about the upcoming elections or really any political, just watch The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.  Jon and Stephen pretty much have my thoughts covered in that arena.  And I don't consider myself to be religious but instead am very open to what is out there that is bigger than us.  I won't go into what I believe that is but will say that what I believe doesn't mean that I think your beliefs are incorrect.

Anyways, I'm breaking this rule this morning so bear with me.  The Westboro Baptist Cult Church is the group responsible for spewing hate and protesting at military funerals as well as schools, churces, etc that are openly accepting of alternative lifestyles.  They are protesting this morning at Fort Zumwalt East and Clayton High Schools.  Their presence at Clayton seems to be coming in response to that school's Gay Straight Alliance inviting Nathan Phelps to speak at school last year.  Nathan is the son of ignorant Westboro founder, Fred Phelps.  He has disassociated himself with his father and the cult Church.  (Can't say I blame you Nathan!  Go you!)  I'm not sure why Fort Zumwalt is being targeted.

The problem with these fools is that clearly they do not deserve any attention whatsoever, but it can be hard to bite your tongue in the face of such ignorance.  But to rant, rave and scream in the faces of these hooligans at the protests would be to stoop to their level and get them even more undeserved publicity.  So let me instead, give some publicity to the geniuses behind the Gay Straight Alliance's peaceful response. These wonderful kids have joined the Phelps-a-Thon.  The premise is this:  For every minute the WBC protests, people can pledge $1 which in this case is donated to the Human Rights Campaign and the St. Louis Chapter of Growing America Youth.  How beyond awesome is this idea?!?!  The WBC is basically going to be raising money for the very human rights that they are so opposed to.  I seriously cannot handle how fabulous this is.  It may be too late to join this particular Phelps-a-Thon but please consider making donations to these causes regardless or look up the next one and pledge then.  Just google Phelps-a-Thon or the Human Rights Campaign, which is a beautiful organization, and make your donation.

I believe in Love, plan and simple.  I do not care what shape or form or color it comes in.  I don't care if it's love between two men, two women, a woman and a man, a mother and a child, a father and a son, a citizen and his country, a believer and her God/god... I simply don't care. It's all beautiful and it's all valid.  I believe in human rights for everyone.  As a young, straight woman, I may never know how it feels to be persecuted because of whom I choose to love but you can be damn sure that I will stand up for all of those who are.  This type of thing has to end and it will someday but not until we all stand together and demand it.  Demand it with me People!

Peas and Love Friends, especially to all those who understand and believe in Love,


*I'm writing this in haste so I may edit and add to it later, especially as I see how the protests turned out.

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