Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 Things - Workout Edition

I have been slacking on posting again lately... sorry about that!  It's come to my attention that I've been possibly overloading my schedule to the point that free time has become non-existent.  I'm going to post about that separately in the near future.  But for now, I bring you a list of 5 workout-related things that I am currently loving.

1.  My Brooks running shoes.  I LOVE these shoes.  I have the PureCadence model and they have been great.  First of all, they fit well.  They're different than my last shoe but I'm digging the feel of these.  They are totally going to help me run circles around fellow runners during my next race, whenever that may be.  I don't really want to literally run in circles but I go where my shoes take me.  Also, sometimes, I've been running so fast on the treadmill that my shoes start smoking.  I'm like a Roadrunner.  Second, they are very eco-friendly and super cute.  Should these be priorities in a running shoe?  Probably not.  But are they a benefit.  These shoes make me excited to get moving in the morning.  They make me feel like a runner and when I feel like a runner, I am a runner.

2.  Box Jumps.  Totally hated these the first time I had to do them.  I was scared that I was going to miss the box and fall to my death.  Granted, since I started with only one level step off the ground, it would not have been a far fall and therefore I probably would not have died.  But what if I tripped on the box and crashed into a mirror that shattered when I fell into it and cut me?  Or what if I tripped on the box and fell into a machine and broke my neck?  It could happen.  Anyways, now I love doing this.  I've gotten slightly better and have increased the height of the boxes so that's good.  Plus, it's kind of fun just jumping on something.  Whereas jump roping is the work of the devil, box jumps are more like hopping on and off curbs, which is something that I actually do from time to time.  It makes me feel carefree.  But I digress.  Do some box jumps.  You may hate them at first but maybe they will grow on you.

3.  Protein "cookie" snack.  Chickpeas + mashed banana + protein powder + cocoa + peanut butter = Delightful post-workout snack.  For real, they are delicious.  Not your typical cookie so don't expect something sweet but they are great.  Plus, 3-4 of them is only about 165 calories and a million grams of protein.  I might have lost you at chickpeas and bananas but trust me on this one.

4.  Running downhill outside.  Today, I didn't have time to go to the gym so I decided that I would do 20-25 minutes of interval running around my neighborhood.  This was fun because I love my neighborhood.  It's so cute.  But what I really, really loved was the downhill streets.  I would sprint as fast as I could and because I was going downhill, I had quite a bit of momentum.  I felt like a little kid.  I probably looked like a dork with such a goofy grin on my face but it was totally worth it.  I recommend doing this.  It was like a few seconds of athletic perfection.  My only fear was that I wouldn't be able to stop.  Like when I ice skate, I don't know how to stop so I just run into the walls.  Or when my big-boned cat runs down the stairs, sometimes his momentum carries him into the door across from the steps.  One day, I fear I will find a Fish-shaped hole in the door from him busting through.

Going uphill wasn't so bad either but that was partially because there were some random men cheering me on as I ran past.  Maybe next time, I will run like Phoebe on friends.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, youtube it.  It's awesome.

5.  Becoming a personal trainer.  Don't laugh at this one.  To everyone who knew the me that I was before this year, I know this sounds ludicrous.  But I'm serious.  Health and fitness has become my passion.  I could talk about healthy food and working out all day long.  I never thought that I would become this person but here I am and I'm happier than I've ever been.  I want to share that with people.  I want to change lives they way mine has been changed.  I feel so lucky every single day and I want to spread that around.  Plus, I get it.  I know how it feels to struggle with body image and unhealthy habits and how it feels to hate the idea of working out.  I have been there.  I was practically the mayor of that place.  I just want to help people like me reach their goals and make new ones.  I want to push people the way that I've been pushed.  I want to help other people feel strong and confident and proud.  Every day that I work towards my goals, I feel like a champion.  I want everyone to feel like a champion.  I may not be able to make people fall in love with fitness the way that I have, but I hope to make it a tolerable part of their lives, something that they feel good about doing whether it's fun or not.

So there you have it, my fitness 5.  Love it or leave it.  But mostly love it.

Peas and Love to All!

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