Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dream On

I absolutely love when I remember my dreams but I rarely ever do.  But on the rare occasion that I do remember, I can almost guarantee that I dreamed something odd.  A couple nights ago was one of those nights.

The dream started like a scene from a crime show like Law & Order or something.  At this point in the dream, I was in the body of the Detective, who happened to be a rather large, serious, black man.  There were police cars and SWAT vehicles all over the place, outside of an abandoned building.  I ran up to the building and sitting outside was a 6 year old boy.  I asked where his Mom was and he just started crying and pointing upwards.  So I ran up the stairs and burst into a room where a man named Pertruba was holding a Latino woman hostage.  At this point, I became the female hostage.  While the detective and Pertruba were negotiating my release, the SWAT team snuck up behind Pertruba and shot him once in the head.  Everyone thought he was dead so we all just kind of relaxed.  But then suddenly, he sat up and shot me, once in the chest and twice in the leg.  So they shot him again, but before he was hit, he pulled the pin on a grenade.  One of the SWAT team members grabbed me and we jumped through a plate glass window.  We appeared to be about 10 or so stories up.  Nevertheless, we landed on our feet, just as the building exploded behind us.  We had all made it out safely, but the detective just kept yelling the name "Pertruba" over and over again while shaking his fist to the sky.  And then I woke up.  I can't even begin to guess the meaning behind this dream.

A couple weeks ago, I dreamed that my brother and I were being chased by a doctor from my work.  I kept saying she was going to get us.  The problem is that we were on an ice rink that was uphill and we were each pushing an animal on a sled.  My brother was pushing up his medium sized dog, who was extremely well behaved on her round little sled.  I unfortunately, was pushing Fish who kept biting my fingers so I couldn't get a good grip on the sled.  I'm pretty sure the doctor got me in the end.

About a month ago, I dreamed that I was in an abandoned warehouse with an older lady that I didn't know.  We were being chased by something or someone.  We finally found a door to get outside and then we had to climb a big hill to get away.  As we were climbing the hill, I realized we were being chased by "rattlesnake spiders."  Well, the other woman wasn't climbing fast enough and the spiders got to her.  They were huge.  They jumped on her and all eight of their legs injected poison into her body which made her sort of explode.  It was kind of gruesome.  Anyways, I am terrified of spiders in real life so I woke up with a pounding heart.  Here's the funny part though.  We have a security system at work called the "Spider" alert system.  So a guy walks into my office and says "I'm here to take care of your spider problem."  I almost had a heart attack because I had a flashback to my nightmare and assumed he was talking about real spiders.  Then he pointed to the computer alert system and I calmed down slightly when I realized what he meant.  I tried explaining my dream to him, but I'm pretty sure he just thought I was a crazy person.

I used to have some weird nightmares when I was a little kid.  Once I dreamed that a man snuck into my bedroom, through the window (on the second floor).  He had a sword and he poked me in the stomach with it.  I started deflating like a balloon.  When I woke up, I went into my parents' room and made my mom check my stomach for holes, just in case I was deflating in real life too.  Don't worry though.  She didn't find anything.  I also dreamed once that a man came into our house to kidnap our whole family.  My dad got into a sword fight with him but the man won and put us all in his blue van.  But then when he wasn't looking, we escaped by leaping out of the van and somersaulting down the driveway to freedom.  I'm not really sure why we had to do forward rolls down the driveway to escape but it worked so who am I to complain?  I'm also not sure why so many of my nightmares as a kid involved swords.

So what do these dreams mean?  Any dream decoders out there?

Peas and Love Dreamers!

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