Monday, October 3, 2011

28 Candles

My birthday was last Thursday and let me just say that I have had one heck of a good time celebrating it.  In my opinion, birthdays need not be relegated to just one day.  They can be celebrated for days on end, up to a week if necessary.  There's just too much celebrating to accomplish to be able to cram it all in one day.  So here's my birthday recap because I know you've been dying to hear the dirty details.

Thursday, my actual birthday, was fairly low key.

  • I went to the gym and was given the gift of 972 million up-downs and some assisted pull-ups.  Gotta tone up these guns!  
  • Shopping with my sister to find a cute birthday dress to wear in Memphis.  Mission accomplished!  I found a cute, short little blue dress.  Thanks to the billion up-downs and squats that I've accumulated over the past 9 months, I kinda felt like hot stuff in this dress.*  I'm kind of in love with it.  I'd like to live in it and never take it off but I imagine it would be more than a little awkward to work out in.
    • *I don't mean for that to sound egotistical.  I'm just not used to wearing short, little dresses and feeling like hot stuff.  Seeing the results of the 100lb weight loss when I try things on is still a little unbelievable to me.

Friday night

  • Birthday dinner with the fam at a vegan cafe called VegaDeli.  Soooooo good.  I want to live inside the restaurant so that I am never more than a few feet away from a mindblowingly good plate of food.  So if you ever visit the restaurant and you see a random girl in a blue dress, just hanging out, trying to eat everyone's food, that will be me.  Come say hi.  I ordered the raw lasagna.  It was layers of zucchini "noodles" layered with a raw marinara and a raw nut "cream" sauce.   There are not enough words in the english language to describe how good it was so you'll just have to go try it for yourselves.  My one year old niece also enjoyed the fruit and avocado plate that the staff brought out for her.  She's kind of obsessed with fruit.  I'm so proud!  She clearly has good taste, just like her aunt.  The evening was topped off with some yummy tropical, pineappley cake and ice cream goodness.  My mom is pretty much the best baker ever and I'm pretty much the best at eating baked goods.  It's a match made in heaven.  The only problem with this evening is that it took me 3 tries to blow out the candles on the cake.  WTF?  I thought my lung capacity was supposed to be increasing with all this working out business.  Evidently, 28 candles was too much for me.  I still think my wish is going to come true though, so I'm not telling you what it was.

Saturday Morning = Driving to Memphis

  • Alarm went off at 5am.  Eyes would not open.  Brain would not work.  So confused as to why I would wake up so early on a Saturday morning.  Or any morning really.  Eventually rolled out of bed (partially motivated by my desire for a bite of pineapple birthday cake) and got on the road with my friends for good times and debauchery in Memphis.  The drive consisted of laughing immaturely at the name Cooter, Missouri and naps.  Naps were good.


  • Lunch on Beale Street... Silky's Something or Other maybe?  I can't remember the name.  Obviously, since Memphis is kinda famous for BBQ, I opted for a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.  Just kidding.  I ate a side salad and a Larabar.  And some seitan jerky.  And it was good.  But other people got BBQ which I'm told was good.  Also, one person got "The Diver" which is basically a bucket of alcohol.  It's a "secret blend" of alcohol but I tasted it and I'm pretty sure the secret blend is mostly beer and whatever is leftover in cups from the night before.  I may post a picture of this later so stay tuned.  Later that evening, when talking about other uses for the bucket, I stated that the bucket is a poor man's port-a-potty, which made us laugh because frankly, a port-a-potty is already kind of a poor man's bathroom.  This statement would make us laugh throughout the weekend but it might have been funnier if you were there.  
  • We also stopped in a souvenir shop and I was going to buy a pink cowboy hat (for the Dodge Dakota driving) but I forgot to go back to get it.  I might look for a cheetah print one anyways.  That would double as a pimp's hat as well.
  • We went to the Peabody Hotel to see about some ducks in a fountain.  There's a myth about these ducks but I'm not going to get into it because this post is getting pretty long and to be frank, the ducks were disappointing and anti-climactic.  If you're reading this, Ducks, get it together.
  • NAPS IN THE HOTEL!  I heart naps after only 4 hours of sleep.
  • Sushi at Bluefin for dinner.  YUM-O!  I loooovvvvvveeeeee me some sushi.  Veggie rolls, Avocado, grilled asparagus nijiri and edamame hummus... doesn't get any better than that.  Actually, it does because I think the seaweed salad was my favorite thing.
  • Up next was Rum Boogie and the Blues Hall on Beale Street.  This place was awesome.  Laid back and fun with great music which is just how I like it.  There was an awesome band playing named The Vegabonds.  Truly, they are one of the best bands I've ever heard live.  Check them out b/c you will love them and then love me (as if you don't already) for giving you a heads-up about some awesome music.
  • Best Pick-Up Line Ever:  You're so pretty, you could punch a cop.  I won't lie, this little gem made me laugh.  To the man who said this to me, I salute you sir, for offering me the best pick-up line I've ever heard.
We left Memphis on Sunday afternoon and made it back to STL around 8:30ish and thus concluded my birthday weekend.  I'm just going to say that I have the BEST family and friends.  I had an absolutely wonderful couple of days and I owe it to all of you.  Thank you for being awesome.  Keep it up.

Quick Notes:
  • I left 3 bowls of food and 3 bowls of water for Fish while I was gone.  When I returned home, the food and water bowls, which I had lined neatly up against the wall, were spread around the room in a radius of about 5 feet.  WTF?  Did Fish have some kind of kitty rave while I was gone?  
  • My grandpa gave me a sweet potato almost the size of my head for my birthday. Freakishly excited about this.
So I think that about sums it up.  Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

Peas and love Peeps!


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