Sunday, June 12, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I was a super slacker about posting last week.  The thing is that I had a million different ideas for posts (or at least 5 ideas) but I could never decide which one to write about.  I wasted so much time trying to decide that I ran out of time to actually write.  Making decisions is not my strong suit.  Maybe that's why I had trouble in the past deciding what I want to be when I grow up.  What I really want to be is Barbie.  She's had tons of careers, from Veterinarian to Baywatch Lifeguard to Canadian Mountie.  Plus, she had a pretty sweet closet, the mansion and a pink convertible.  Unfortunately, she was also stuck with Ken, who seemed kind of lame and straight-laced.  And he had plastic hair which would be a dealbreaker for me.

 So I guess, since being Barbie is out of the question, I will go with Plan B, which is to help people change their lives.  I was going to go back to school for a Master's in Counseling or Social Work.  I had been volunteering at Life Crisis for a while to get experience helping people with all their issues from substance abuse and cutting to suicide and relationship problems and everything in between.  I liked knowing that I could help people live a better life or at least make it through the day and I loved the idea of doing that for a living.  If I could save the world, I would.  Except cicadas.  I might not save the cicadas.

But then, at the beginning of this year, I started to change my own life.  I began working out 6 days a week and eating healthy, clean, whole foods.  It's the best thing I've ever done, hands down.  I feel so good, all the time.  I have this confidence that I didn't necessarily have before.  I feel like I radiate a different energy, as corny as that may sound.  And I won't lie, I look kinda good.  I mean, I'm certainly not at my goal yet, but losing 80 pounds has completely changed the way I look for the better and that is a pretty major perk.  Anyways, these changes that I've made and the results that I've seen have pointed me in a direction that I never dreamed I would go.  I wanna help people make these same types of changes.  I want to help people be healthier and live longer and be happier.

I'm not sure where this road will take me exactly, but to start, I've applied to go to school for Nutrition and Dietetics.  I think it might be kind of cool to be a Nutritionist or a Wellness Coach.  Maybe if I get really good at the fitness side of things, I can teach group exercise classes on the side or something.  I don't really like taking those classes myself, but if I was the teacher and everyone had to listen to me, that might be another story.

Every time someone comments to me about how I look and how I've done it, I get so excited that I can hardly form sentences.  I want to share my story with everyone and when it inspires someone else to begin changing their life, there just isn't any better feeling in the world than that.  Knowing that my goal to run a 5k has inspired someone else to run a 5k is priceless.  Working with a coworker on a plan for her to get healthy and fit exercise and eating right into her busy schedule makes me giddy with excitement.  Having multiple people ask if they can text, email or call me when they need inspiration literally brings tears to my eyes.  I know this is what I am meant to do and man oh man, I can hardly wait.

Of course, if this plan doesn't work out, I can always look into the Canadian Mountie gig.  Barbie might have been on to something there.  On the one hand, they have to wear goofy hats, which is a bummer.  But on the other hand, Canadians really love their hockey so that proves they have good taste.  Also, I think their national anthem is really catchy, so they get a bonus point for that.

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