Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eat This

I mention food a lot on this blog, huh?  What can I say?  I like eating and I love cooking, though I am sometimes a walking disaster in the kitchen but I'll write about that some other time.  For now, let's just say that it's lucky that I haven't burned my apartment to the ground and/or lost a finger or two.

So today, here is a list of foods that you need to start eating partially because they are delicious and awesome but mostly just because I said so.

1.  Roasted Seaweed Snacks from Trader Joe's.  Stop wrinkling your nose in disgust and try them.  So good.  I'm serious.

2.  Banana "Ice Cream":  Step 1.  Freeze a banana.  Step 2.  Put banana in food processor.  Step 3.  Process till creamy but still thick.  Sometimes I add a tablespoon-ish of almond milk to make it slightly less thick but that's totally optional, I think.  I also like to add in cocoa powder or peanut butter to make different flavors.  You are probably reading this and thinking skeptically to yourself that there is no way this will be like ice cream.  But it is!  Have faith in me people!  It's so freaking good.  Plus it's healthy enough, depending on what I add in, that I can eat "ice cream" for breakfast and not feel like a chunky monkey, though monkeys do like bananas.  Supposedly.

3.  Wheatberries.  I made these for the first time this week and let me just tell you that if heaven came in the form of a whole grain type food, it would be the wheatberry.  I couldn't find them in a regular grocery store so I had to go to Whole Foods where I expected that I may have to pay either $432 for a cup of them, or offer up my first-born child.  Whole Foods is a bit pricey sometimes but these were super-cheap especially since you can get them out of the bulk bins and then you only buy what you need.

4.  Edamame, or as my sister likes to call them, plain old soybeans.  I prefer edamame because it sounds quite a bit more delicious and fun and exciting.  Soybeans sound lame and these little protein-packed delights are far from lame.  I recommend tossing them with some corn, sauteed mushrooms and a little bit of chili oil.  Also, while you are at Trader Joe's stocking up on seaweed (do it!), you should go ahead and pick up some of their edamame hummus.  After you try it, you will want to thank me profusely.  And I will accept your thanks, humbly.  Actually, probably not humbly.  It's pretty likely that I will brag about how I have great taste in everything, including hummus flavors.  I will be half-kidding.

So I guess that's it for now kiddos but I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something amazing so I will probably be posting another list in the very near future.

As a side note tonight, I am watching A League of Their Own right now and it's a pretty good movie but it always makes me think of my short-lived career playing softball (1 season).  I decided it wasn't for me when I got hit in the eye three times by balls (that's what she said!).  Tom Hanks says "There's no crying in baseball!" but that's a lie.  Sometimes there is.  But there's also sno-cones after the game when you're injured so all's well that ends well.


  1. I haven't had the wheatberries or the seaweed snacks (those sound like they may have sesame oil with them and I can't stand sesame oil).The banana "ice cream" is one of my all time favorites but I love to mix mine with a handful of blackberries and it is a nearly unholy experience it is so good. We eat so much edamame in our house we should just grow the damn things and save ourselves money. Plus, it's really cute when the toddler asks for more mommehh.

    Side note: beware of flying balls!

  2. I think you are right about the seaweed. And I'm so happy that someone else shares my love for the banana ice cream! I haven't tried adding fruit yet. I bought strawberries last week to add but I forgot that I bought them for that reason and I just ate them all plain. And so cute about your kiddo and the "mommehh". I'm probably going to start calling it that. Lastly, if you start growing edamame, I will find where you live, sneak into your yard and steal some. Fair warning.