Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Words of the Day

The words of the day are Patience and Gratitude.

Let's talk Patience.  Today marks the first time in 4.5 months that I have not hit the fitness or weight loss goal that I set for myself.  It sort of kills me a little to admit that to the world (or at least to the 7 people that will read this).  I do not like this.  I have been knocking down wall after wall, scoring goal after goal until now and that felt soooooo good.  So needless to say, the competitive fighter in me is a tad uneasy right now and I will just go ahead and say it, a little bit disappointed in myself.  But here's the thing... that is ridiculous!  So I missed 1 goal.  I didn't miss it by much and I didn't move backwards and that's important for me to understand.  My body can only do so much and I can't control every single thing that happens to it.  I can only do my best for my body to give myself the best shot at reaching my goals.  And that's what I do and intend to continue to do.  So if my body could only lose 2.5 pounds in one week, then I need to accept that, move forward and be patient, understanding that my body is taking care of me while I take care of it.

And that leads me to Gratitude.  I should be (and I am!) grateful for the body that I have, grateful for the things that it lets me do.  Grateful that I can push myself harder and longer every week than I ever could before.  Grateful to be able to mold myself into the athlete that is fighting to come out.  Grateful that I can see actual muscles flexing when I use the assisted pull-up machine.  My arms are like lethal weapons now.  Welcome to the gun show!  Grateful that I have approximately 5 outfits that fit me in my closet right now because the rest of my clothes literally fall off my body.  Grateful to be realizing how much potential my body has.  Grateful to have lost 75 pounds!  And grateful to be loving every single second of the hard work that I've put in.

So yeah, missing my goal sucks.  But that kinda pales in comparison to the rest of the kickass things that I've gained recently.  Perspective, you know?  Plus, I already made new goals and the champion in me is ready for the challenge!

So now there's only one thing to do and that is to shake off any last little tiny bit of stress that I have about this situation.  Stress raises cortisol levels, which leads to some scientific mumbo jumbo that I can't remember details of, but it's not good.  Also, stress is not my style.  I look much better in a chipper, upbeat attitude.  So to shake off the stress, I'm gonna shake my moneymaker to some of my favorite songs.  It's a guilty pleasure, dancing around my apartment and belting out songs like there is no tomorrow.  On tonight's playlist is the Rent soundtrack, one of my faves to do this to.  I'm like a Broadway star.  An ATHLETIC, Broadway star.  I'd let you watch me sometime but you probably can't afford tickets.

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