Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekends Are Awesome

First off, let me say that this past week is the first week that I've worked all 5 days since being laid off at the end of last year.  So  I fully appreciated these two wonderful, glorious, rainy but beautiful days of bliss.  I mean, I'm definitely digging the new job and all but freedom for two days is a very good thing.

So first up this weekend was Thor.  I thought this was a pretty good movie which means you should go see it because I have good taste about most things.  It was randomly funny which I was not expecting.  Plus, I'm not gonna lie, Chris Hemsworth is ungodly attractive.  But also, I just liked the story.  Bonus:  I look awesome in 3D glasses.  I mean, like seriously sexy.  Trust.

Saturday morning, I was up in the gym, just workin' on my fitness.  I reached a HUGE goal which put me on cloud nine.    I kind of wanted to jump up and down on the scale but that's probably not good for scales.  I have been working so hard (and loving almost every minute of it) and moments like that just reinforce the idea that I really can do whatever I put my mind to.  I know, totally corny thought, but I can't help it.  I actually get giddy thinking about it.  Changing your life is a fairly awesome concept.  Props to the best trainer ever for helping a girl out.  

Saturday was also the Soulard pub crawl to benefit the Humane Society.  Good times wth friends + saving animals = great day.  As a side note, I ate the BEST pita sandwich from Hammerstone's.  Seriously, if I didn't already have an awesome dinner cooking in the oven right now, I would be daydreaming about it.

Today, to celebrate my milestone on Saturday, I went shopping.  This may seem like a mundane activity to some, but let me explain.  I have not been clothes shopping in months.  There have been some pretty serious withdrawal symptoms as a result.  Sometimes I get the shakes and I have to browse online to relax.  I probably looked slightly ridiculous walking around the stores today.  I'm pretty sure I had a glazed look on my face while I admired all the pretty things.  Seriously, it was like the mothership was calling me home.  Shopping in itself is awesome but shopping for a completely different size in stores that I've NEVER shopped at was beyond.  That completes my extremely girly ode to shopping for today.

So now, to top off an awesome weekend filled with friends and other good things, I'm camping out on my couch, watching Bring It On and eating an incredibly delicious meal, because I am just that cool.

Cheers to an excellent upcoming week!

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