Tuesday, January 22, 2013

They Say It's Your Birthday

Twenty-something years ago, one of my favorite people ever was born.  It's been pointed out by multiple people that I throw the word "favorite" around willy-nilly but I really mean it in this context.  It's my sister Emily's birthday today and I want to take a second to wish her a good one and to let you all know why she's the best.

I am the Sil(ly) to her Bil(ly) and there are few people that make me laugh as much as this girl.  Her sense of humor is beyond and laughing with her about random things is one of my favorite pastimes.  Once, when we were in Chicago, we were on one of the Lake Michigan beaches.  There was this seagull walking past us and for whatever reason, we both decided to take a picture.  But then we couldn't stop taking pictures. We were laughing hysterically and telling the seagull to pose for us as though we were professional photographers.  Who tells a seagull to "Work it, Baby!" except the two of us?  And who actually thinks it's hilarious enough to recount every year when we see more seagulls?

In fairness though, we scouted a pretty good-looking bird, right?  This gull is the next Karlie Kloss of the bird modeling world.

But she's not just hilarious.  She's loyal and loving and smart and witty and creative and beautiful (even more beautiful than that gull).

And I'm lucky that she's not just my sister but one of my closest friends.  

So here's to you, Bil.  May your day and year be filled to the brim with all good things.  You deserve all of them and more.

Peas and Love Birdies,


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