Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some Mundane Anecdotes

I was browsing in Aldo, drooling over a pair of colorful heels, when a salesman came up and asked if I needed help.  I was trying to decide if I needed to try on these little wearable pieces of art when he said "That's the kind of shoe you'll wear around the pool with your swimming suit, strutting your stuff."  I stared at him, wondering what about me said that that I am the kind of girl who could actually do that and look cool.  A.  I wear flip-flops to the pool.  B.  I don't actually go to a pool.  C.  I'm pretty sure that if I tried to strut my stuff, I might break something and/or fall into the pool.

A few days ago, I was eating chocolate chia pudding at work.  The following exchange occurred:
Coworker, making a face:  "What is that?"
Me:  "Chocolate Pudding."
Coworker, still making grossed out face:  "Normal pudding?"
Two other coworkers nearby: "No!"  This was said emphatically and with a bit of laughter.
Me:  "No."  This was said with a sigh.
I bring up this conversation only because I do sometimes eat odd things and the fact that I have a reputation for it makes me laugh a little bit.  Normal is overrated anyways. Chocolate pudding is useless and junky.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding is delicious and nutritious and energizing and awesome.

I was doing laundry today at the Laundromat and there was a dad there with 3 adorable kids with him.  There are 25 cent candy dispensers inside and the dad told one of the little boys that he was going to buy him some candy.  The kid looked at him and said, "No!  That candy has been in there for 100 years!"  Dad laughed and asked who told him that.  The little boy said Aiden told him that.  I looked up and another little boy was standing nearby, nodding his head yes and looking so serious about the whole thing.  I'm not sure why this made me laugh so much.  I noticed later that Aiden eventually gave in to the lure of the Skittles.  Can't say I blamed him.  Skittles are kind of delicious, even if they are 100 years old.

I was doing a Health/Wellness workshop this past Saturday and the topic was sugar.  For visual aids, I brought a Ziplock bag of 22.2 grams of sugar (the average American's daily consumption).  I also wanted to bring a can of coke so I stopped by a gas station to buy one.  After I bought it, I was tempted to ask them to put in a paper bag.  It seemed shameful for a Health and Wellness Instructor to be carrying something like that around in broad daylight.

Random Questions:  Is anyone watching "Once Upon a Time?"  How awesome is this show?  I am watching it while I write this and I am completely obsessed.

Peas and Love Dreamers!

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