Sunday, January 29, 2012

Raindrops Keep Falling On Your Head

I'm lucky in that most of my days are good but no one is lucky enough to avoid bad days completely.  When bad days attack, here's my list of cures (or at least band-aids to stop the gushing suckiness of whatever is making your day terrible):

1.  My first cure should come as no surprise to any of you... lace up your tennis shoes and get your sweat on.  Scientific evidence proves that exercise can lift your mood.  I was always skeptical of this so-called evidence, but turns out, it's true.  Once the endorphins are pumping, you just feel a little better.  To maximize your benefits, really challenge yourself in the workout... run a little longer, lift a little more weight, hold your position a few more seconds.  At the end, you not only feel a little less bummed but you end up feeling a lot more proud.

2.  Listen to the song "Happy Face" by Destiny's Child.  It's just so dang positive, cheesily so.  Bonus mood points if you dance around the room while singing the song into a hairbrush microphone.
*EDIT:  I thought about this and realized there are other songs that are great for lifting your mood.  In fact, a friend of mine has placed them onto mixed CDs... Geek Mix 1, Geek Mix 2, Geek Mix 3 and Angry Mix.  The geek mixes are full of musical gems like How Bizarre, Blue (DaBADI or whatever the heck it's called) and Summer Girls.  You can't not laugh when you here them.  The Angry Mix is of course, good for getting your anger out.  I'm pretty sure it's alternative though I haven't listened to it in a while.  I guess I haven't been angry enough.  Regardless, they are awesome, as is their creator. 

3.  Look at funny and/or adorable pictures of animals.

Soon after this was taken, the sides of the box may have busted open.

4.  Movie Marathons.  There's just something so comforting about curling up on your couch/bed/oversized chair and watching a handful of your favorite movies.  I suggest the following movies... 1.  Harry Potter marathon.  Yeah, I'm a nerd  but if loving Harry Potter is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.  2.  Older romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally, While You Were Sleeping and You've Got Mail.  I love these movies quite a bit more than I like more recent romantic comedies.  They are just delightful.  3.  Random comedies like "So I Married an Axe Murderer" and "Mars Atacks."  These are both hilarious and if you disagree, well then, I'm just not sure we could ever truly be friends.  Someday, I want the love of my life to write me a beat poem a la Mike Meyers and read it to me while I sip a soy latte out of a coffee cup the size of me head.
* EDIT:  My friend Michelle pointed out a MAJOR oversight in this category.  I totally left out The Mighty Ducks as being perfect for a movie marathon day.  First of all, they are some of the greatest pieces of cinema magic to date.  Second, they are so feel-good that if you do not get warm fuzzies after watching them, you have a cold heart made of stone.  Third, hockey is awesome.

5.  Job-related Bad Day Buster - Take 10 minutes and research your dream job.  I don't care if you aren't qualified for it yet or if it means you'd have to move across the country.  Just look into it.  You never know what you can make happen for yourself if you don't start researching it.  It should perk you up and motivate you to make a plan to get there.

6.  Look at more pictures of ridiculously cute animals.
Somehow, Fish got his huge body stuck in the handle of a plastic bag.  Once he realized this, he freaked out and ran through the apartment like his tail was on fire with the bag flapping around him.

What Not To Do:

1.  Do NOT listen to the song "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter.  It is not good.
2.  Do NOT eat your weight in peanut butter.  Not that I would know from personal experience or anything... but I assume it will make you feel as though you could give birth to a peanut butter baby b/c your stomach is so full and weighted down.  Again, not that I would know anything about this...

Those are really my only rules for what not to do.  I mean c'mon, you're having a craptastic day.  Do whatever you want, you know?

Peas and Love Friends!


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