Sunday, November 27, 2011

Numbers Game

3 - The number of reusable water bottles I've lost this year.  It's really hard to hydrate in an environmentally sustainable way when I can't keep a bottle longer than 3 months.  Sorry Planet Earth.  I really am trying.

1,472,963 - The number of microscopic pieces of glitter stuck on my skin and in my hair and on my couch after handling glittery snowflake decor.  I see little pieces of glitter out of the corner of my eye on my face and it's driving me nuts.  It looks like I am either A:  Impersonating a fairy.  Or B:  Reliving the 90s when it was cool to wear glitter all over our faces for school dances and things.  Either way, I look good.

5 - The amount of dollars I paid for a pair of sassy, grey, knee high boots, originally $109.  They are almost tall enough to cover the bruises on my knees from doing burpees and push-ups.  They need to be taken out on the town.  They are too cute to remain in their box.

90 - The amount of seconds it took for Fish to make himself comfortable under the Christmas tree after I set it up and turned on the lights.  He LOVES laying under the tree when the lights are on.  Now if only he would let me put his turtleneck sweater on, I'd be able to get the perfect picture for a Christmas Card.  It's probably not worth losing an arm for though.  I do have one picture that I managed to get last year, but it's not very good.

The turtleneck kind of makes his butt look big but don't tell him that.  He's sensitive about his weight.

You can tell that he really loves it by the way he refused to make eye contact with me.

4 - The amount of ornaments Fish has taken off the tree this afternoon already.  He already brought one upstairs and put it in his water bowl.  I guess it was dusty.  He likes to clean things by doing that.  Have I mentioned that he is a weirdo?

13.1 - The number of miles I want to be able to run by next summer.  The obstacle for me is that distance running is boring to me.  I love sprinting but running at the same steady pace for a long time is so tedious to me.  Can anyone photoshop a picture of me crossing a half-marathon finish line so that I can use it as motivation?  I'm big on visualizing things to reach my goals.  I "photoshopped" myself into a picture with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake once.  It was kind of awesome.  I was playing the kazoo on stage with them.

18 - The number of days left before I will even think about turning on my heat.  I might freeze to death but it will be worth it to save on the gas bill.  Plus, blowdrying my hair in the morning is one of my least favorite things to do so maybe this will help me look forward to it since I will be blowing hot air at my face.  It's important to find the silver lining in things like freezing to death.  Also, if you don't hear from me for a while, feel free to send someone over to do a safety check to make sure I really haven't frozen to death.  And bring ice picks to chip away at the block of ice that may or may not have formed around me.  And maybe some extra hair dryers to help thaw me out.  But still do not turn on my heat if it's before Dec. 15th.  And if you have to thaw Fish out too, be careful.  He'll probably be kinda pissed at that point which means that he will probably attempt to murder you.  That's 21 pounds of cat that you don't want to anger.

Peas and Love Friends!


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