Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Money, No Problems

When I was a little kid, I had this idea that rather than use money to buy things, the world should shift to a "trades" system instead.  I figured that since everybody had to have at least one talent, together as a whole, we would be able to provide everyone with what he/she needed.  In theory, it worked like this (and remember, this is coming from the mind of a child).  I have a relatively good singing voice.  Now imagine that I needed medical care of some kind.  I would trade a song for medical care from a doctor.  This seemed like a fair trade at the time but I may have over-estimated the value of a song.  Or say there was a carpenter and a farmer.  The carpenter would build things for the farmer and farmer would provide food for the carpenter.

Now of course I know that this is not actually a viable option for the real world but I kind of wish it was because it feels so much more wholesome and lovely than our current system of dollars and cents.  So below is a list of things that I am good at and would be willing to trade for some type of good/service:

  • Singing - I reserve the right to reject a song request if it is lame, i.e. Who Let the Dogs Out.  I will then replace the song with something 10 times more awesome, i.e Any Other Song Ever Made.
  • Cooking - I promise, you wouldn't even miss the meat/dairy in your food if I prepared it for you.  Yeah, I know, you don't believe me, but you totally should.
  • Baking - For real, I make the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever put in your mouth.
  • Writing a Pointless, yet Entertaining Blog - Since I'm already doing this one for you guys, I expect trade offers to start rolling in at any time.  I'm working off the honor system right now so I trust that if you are reading this, you will contact me with your trade suggestion.
It might take a few years to work the kinks out but really, could our economy get any worse?  Isn't now the best time to try something new since we are already in the weeds?  So there it is, my plan for a financially secure world.  Hit me up if you need a song, a cookie or a witty comment.

Peas out!

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